Formed by the Scandinavian glacier

Suwałki Region Formed by the Scandinavian glacier

Polish: Suwalszczyzna, Lithuanian: Suvalkų kraštas. The north-east corner of Poland, near the Lithuania border. Major towns: Augustów, Sejny and Suwałki. The intercultural region with a rich history and delicious cuisine. One of its main attractions is the nature.

Suwałki Region is one of the most beautiful part of Poland. The geological picture of this region was formed by the Scandinavian glacier. Configuration of the land is made of moraine hills, edges of vast valleys, rich hydrological network with river beds and basins of lakes of various shapes. Here we have many small mid-forest lakes and picturesque rivers. It creates favorable conditions for kayaking.



The Suwałki Region remains a major center of the Lithuanian minority in Poland, especially the municipality of Puńsk, where are schools and offices in Lithuanian language.

Originally, before the twelfth century, this territory was inhabited by Yotvingian Prussian tribes. There are several nature reserves: Biebrza National Park, Romincka Forest Landscape Park, Suwałki Landscape Park and Wigry National Park. Wigry National Park covers parts of the Masurian Lake District and Augustów Primeval Forest. It is named after lake Wigry, the largest of the Park’s many lakes. The Park has 150 km2, of which 94 km² is forest, 29 km² is waters and 27 km² other types of land. The Park’s landscape was to a large extent shaped by a glacier which covered this region around 12,000 years ago. The Park is famous for its numerous lakes, which are of different shape and size. Altogether, there are 42 of them, the biggest, Wigry, covering the area of 21 km². The symbol of the Park is the beaver. There are also elk, deer, wild boars, wolves and lynxes. Among the many lakes of the Suwałki Region is Hańcza – the deepest lake in Poland with maximum depth of 108.5 m.

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