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Where the wild herbs grow

Balance of spirit and body

The ideal break away from the noisy city life is going to Podlasie (Podlachia) which in spring and summer is absolutely stunning, full of blooming flowers and fresh aromatic herbs such as common dandelion, melissa, camomile, hop, common nettle, mint, wild rose, etc.

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A pagan holiday celebrated in the Christian region

Kupala Night

Every year in July, when summer is in full swing, the inhabitants of the Podlaskie region spend at least two Saturdays celebrating Kupala Night or Ivan Kupala Day (known in other countries as Midsummer).

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Jewish heritage

Discovering the Jewish traces in Podlasie

The Bialystok region has always been a kind of melting pot where the Poles, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Roma, Tatars and Jews lived together. In fact, they still coexist peacefully, which makes the region incredibly fascinating, but there’s one community that is missing here annihilated during the war – the Jews.

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A hot potato. Traditional cuisine

The Polish way for Potatoes

The potato is a common vegetable in the Podlasie region. There are lots of potato recipes and many Polish families can’t imagine having lunch or dinner without that vegetable.

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Picturesque cottages and more…

Wooden architecture in Podlasie

The Podlasie region is one of those regions in Poland where wooden cottages, barns and sacral buildings still prevail in the rural landscape.

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Proposed activities

Bike tours

Amazing two-wheel adventure on best tracks prepared by our experienced guides.

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Kayak Trips

Clean rivers and lakes, wild, natural forests and tasty sausages from the fire at the night... Must try!

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Culture & Religion

Explore region, where different cultures and religions meet together and goes side-by-side for ages.

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Meet the nature

Eastern Poland is famous for clean waters, wild nature and fantastic wildlife. See it by yourself!

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Extreme tours

For those who are beyond the limits!

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Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Belarus

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