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Eastern Poland is one of Europe’s top destinations for cycling. In this region we can watch many beautiful landscapes. In contrast to Western Europe there is not crowded, noisy roads and big cities. There are plenty of must-see tourist attractions, but never have we encountered the crushing masses of tourist like in London or Paris. Not taking anything away from these fine Western European cities, but Eastern Europe is dominated by a countryside with far less people. Not to mention the roadways. The crowd of bicycle tourism is only just now making its way eastward, past the former Iron Curtai

Eastern Poland is quiet, peaceful and very hospitably. Polish people are known for their hospitality and warmth, especially in this place, because in Eastern Poland, the tradition is still alive and really important.

There is a large part of Europe and has varied topography that includes mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and sea.

Biking trails lead through unique natural regions.You can see traditional villages and small towns, watch real life and visit specific monuments. Day after day, you will enjoy the great beauties of the local nature.

Here you can see a video of cycling tour in the region Knyszyńska Forest:

The newest project is the Green Velo – with the length of about 2.000 kilometres is the longest cycling route in Poland. It runs through five voivodeships in the eastern part of the country. There is possible convenient and easy ride through Poland from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Lithuania, Latvia and Finland.

Here is a video showing attractions of Green Velo.