more than just a forest

Knyszynska Forest more than just a forest

Knyszynska Forest - a large forest complex (more than a thousand square kilometers) located on the Podlaskie Voivodeship. Among the trees dominate pine and spruce, and there are also birch, alder and oak.

Beside elk, deer, roe deer, wild boar, badger, beaver, there are rare species such as the lynx and wolf. In the Knyszynska Forest live also wild bisons (about 100 of the biggest European mammals).

In 1988 there was created Knyszyn Forest Landscape Park – a protected area covering of 744 square kilometres (287 sq mi).The landscape park contains 20 nature reserves!
Less well-known than the famous Bialowieza Forest, but no less attractive. It is an interesting destination for excursions and recreation.

Forest begins just outside the city of Bialystok and cover an area up to the border of Belarus. Forest surrounds a beautiful little town Supraśl – here you will find magnificent monuments and the unique Museum of Icons. On the edge of the forest is the famous Tatar Trail.

It’s a very interesting place to organize one or two-day sightseeing tour.

Lovers of active tourism there have many cycle paths and canoe routes. It’s also a great area for hiking and horse riding.

In the area you will find good hotels (with swimming pools, saunas …), guesthouses and agrotourist houses. The region is famous for its delicious local cuisine.

We invite you to watch the movie “Autumn in the Knyszynska Forest”.

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