7 reasons why you should visit Poland

Reasons to visit Poland by Nisha Jha 7 reasons why you should visit Poland

Why vacation in Poland when there are so many other countries in Europe to choose from? Don't listen to those cynics. Here are seven reasons that will compel you to call your travel agent and plan a trip.



6. The wildlife is amazing!
Until I visited Poland, I didn’t know there was a range of exotic flora and wildlife. Each season paints the country with its special charm. Hiking trails, scenic viewpoints, and campsites are a few of the highlights of the 23 national parks. Białowieża National Park, the last virgin forest in Europe, has been listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Bison, Tatra chamois, and the high-pitched warning whistle of a marmot… you are in for some surprises. What fun it is to ride an ATV in summer and a sleigh in winter!

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