Eastern Poland

Eastern Poland
Ranking Lonely Planet

Best travel destinations 2016 Ranking Lonely Planet

The best countries, cities and regions to visit in 2016. Among them is Poland! Top 10 countries: Botswana, Japan, USA, Palau, Latvia, Australia, Poland, Uruguay, Greenland and Fiji. What does Lonely Planet recommend to see in Poland?

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Zoover Award

Krakow best European city trip Zoover Award

Krakow (Cracow) is the best European city trip. The Polish city received the highest consumer rating on holiday review site Zoover and hence wins the Zoover Award for best European city trip 2014. Krakow beats the Spanish city of Seville and Venice in Italy.

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Venice of the North

Wrocław European Capital of Culture Venice of the North

Wrocław ( German: Breslau), the largest city in western Poland and without a doubt one of the most beautiful in Europe, has become the European Capital of Culture 2016. Around 1,000 cultural events will draw tourists to this open, friendly and exciting city.  This year the slogan "Wrocław - The Meeting Place" is more acurate than ever.

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Such a thing only in Poland. In Eastern Poland...

Bisons on the streets! Such a thing only in Poland. In Eastern Poland...

As you can see in the pictures, bisons like Bialowieza. Wild animals live in the surrounding Bialowieza forest, but sometimes also go on the streets.

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The second time!

The second New Year’s Eve The second time!

January 13th is the last day of the year according to the Julian calendar used by the Eastern Churches.

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7 reasons why you should visit Poland

Reasons to visit Poland by Nisha Jha 7 reasons why you should visit Poland

Why vacation in Poland when there are so many other countries in Europe to choose from? Don't listen to those cynics. Here are seven reasons that will compel you to call your travel agent and plan a trip.

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